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This is the regular RGB LED set. For LED set with effects like, "running water" or "blocks", etc, please check out our "Extended RGB Led set".


This set includes:

  • 5 meters of standard RGB LED strip,
  • a Bluetooth driver,
  • a power supply.


The included driver is compatible with HRM Fan and HRM Led. You can pair your device with it and configure color ranges for particular heart rate changes. This way you can light up your training cave and the colors will change with the intencity of your workout.


NOTICE: You need both: the LED set and a HRM Fan device to control the leds with your HR. Alternatively, if you don't need fan control and only care about LEDs, you can purchase the "HRM Led", which is an all in one solution for controllin LEDs.


1 year warranty included.

Shipment within 1-2 working days.

RGB LED set for HRM Fan

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