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On this page we provide basic information about devices compatible with our products. Please scroll down (or use the "dot menu" above) to the product for wchich compatibility you want to check.

If you have any doubts if your gear is compatible - please don't hesitate and contact us.

Compatible Fans

For HRM fan we can use a variety of fans. We recomment using a dedicated fan, which can be bought in our shop. If you however want to use your own fan, you're more than welcome - this is why HRM Fan was created - to make use of ordinary home fans and give them a second, smarter life!

Most ordinary home fans are compatible. Only requirements are:

  • Fan powered from the grid (110-240V AC) - no USB fans!

  • Power of each connected fan between 30-240W; if more fans are connected, their combined power cannot exceed 240W

  • No heating, moisturing or cooling function - just the fan / blower

  • No electronics in the fan - no remote control, timers, etc.

The fan can have physical buttons or a dial for speed selection.

Below you can find a few examples of compatible fans

Below you can find examples of fans that are NOT compatible

Compatible Fans

Compatible Heart Rate Sensors

Most ANT+ and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) heart rate moitors (HRMs) and sensors are compatible, for example heart rate straps from Garmin, Wahoo, Polar (H8, H9, H10). Also smartwatches that can broadcast heart rate will work, for example Garmin 735xt and alike.

Compatible Heart Rate Sensors

Compatible Power Meters

Most ANT+ power meters (power sensors) are compatible with HRM Fan and HRM Led. Examples include power meters from Garmin, like the Vectors (all version), Favero BePro, Assioma (Uno and Duo), and power meters build into home trainers from Tacx, Elite, Wahoo and others. In the power from your ANT+ power meter is properly displayed on your Garmin or other bike computer - it will work with our devices too!

Compatible Powe Meters
​Compatible Bike Speed Sensors

Compatible Bicycle Speed Sensors

Our products support most ANT+ speed sensors (i.e., those that conform to the Bicycle Speed Ant profile).


Examples of compatible sensors include:

  • Garmin GSC10 – combined speed / cadence sensor

  • Garmin Speed & Cadence sensors V2 (only the speed sensor is required)

  • Bontrager Interchange Digital Combo Sensor, and many others...

Some proprietary speed sensors don’t conform to the ANT speed profile. An example is Wahoo speed sensor build into the later editions of Wahoo Kickr Core trainers. Such sensors won’t work with either HRM Fan or HRM Led.

​Compatible Leds

Compatible Leds

For the time being only the RGB LED set offered in our shop is compatible with both HRM Fan and HRM Led devices. We have plans to expand our compatibility in this regard, so stay tuned.

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