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No need to connect to a computer - it only need to be powered to work!


For Gamers / Speedruners / Streames - visualize your heart rate during game sessions. Use a compatible heart rate monitor (ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy) and pair it with HRM Led to light up LEDs in colors matching your heart rate. For example the colors can smoothly change from green to red while your heart rate rises from a comfortable 90 bpm to 150 bpm.

You can put the LEDs behind your monitor or underneath your desk which certainly will make your "cave" look better.


For indoor cyclists - you can pair HRM Led with your speed, power or heart rate sensor and map ranges of input data (for example power  from 100W to 200W or heart rate from 100 bpm to 150 bpm) to a range of colors. You can also map individual zones of heart rate or power into distinct ranges of color or single colors. For example if you know your training power zones you can map each zone to an individual color, like on Zwift. Or maybe you want to maintain specific zones for your workout or FTP test - you can map a selected RGB color or color range to the zone you want to be in and you no longer need to look at the numbers. Colors will tell you if your are in the zone or maybe nearing its upper or lower end. 


Led colors can also be controlled manually. There are plenty of configuration options - all can be done using a dedicated mobile app available for both Android phones and iPhones.


Included in the set are:

  • HRM Led - pendrive which connects wirelessly to your sensors (i.e. heart rate sensor, speed sensor or power sensor) and also to the bluetooth LED driver to control the color of  LEDs
  • Bluetooth LED driver
  • Standard RGB LED strip
  • Power supply for the Bluetooth LED driver


Notice: You will need to power the HRM Led by yourself. Just plug it to a USB charger or to any USB port in your computer. The power requirements are minimal and the device only needs power supply - no USB  data transfers are made. 

Notice: make sure you put the device in range of your sensors and the bluetooth driver.

Notice: a heart rate monitor is not a part of this set. You can buy one in our shop here. To see a what heart rate monitors are compatible go to our compatibility page. If in doubt - ask at


1 year warranty included.

Shipment within 1-2 working days.

HRM Led (RGB Led controller) + Standard RGB LED set

zł349.00 Regular Price
zł319.00Sale Price
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