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With HRM Fan you can control the speed of your Fan using your Heart Rate! Most of regular home fans will work with it. See the HRM manual for details. The manual can be downloaded here.

If you don't have a fan, we can sell it to you in a bundle, cheaper! (see our store listing)


You can configure your device to change the speed of the fan using a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS. It's highly adjustable. 


HRM Fan can also control a dedicated LED driver, that can change the color of RGB leds, also controlled by the intencity of your workout - for example when it gets hard and your heart rate rises the colors can change towards red and when it gets easier they can change towards green.

There is also a simple mode in which you only have to setup the basic parameters (see scrreenshots) and a hint mode, which helps you understand what is what when you are just starting.


You can read more in the manual, which you can download here.

Also visit our Facebook and Instagram profiles for news and plans.


Standard version of HRM Fan ncludes a 1.5m power cable and a 15cm socket cable.

If you need another type of plug/socket, not listed in our shop, please contact us at:


2 year warranty included.

Shipment within 1-2 working days.

HRM Fan (Fan & RGB Led controller)

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