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This is the extended RGB LED set.

This set lets you configure various effects on a connected led strip.


Effects for color change: 

  • Fill (as if water filled the led with new color)
  • Blocks (blocks of strip change color in 3 steps)
  • Instant color change
  • Mix of the above on a single strip - you can combine multiple effects on different segments of the led strip, with adjusted direction.

Continuous effects:

  • Wave effect
  • Pulse effect (in the rythm of your heart rate!)


You can set the speed of all effects and overal brightness of your LEDs.


This set includes:

  • 5 or 10 meters of extended RGB LED strip (Addressable leds, COB strip, 24V, 480 LEDs/m, 10 Pixels/m, WS2811 Chip, GRB Color arrangement)
  • a dedicated Bluetooth driver (DRAGILLED),
  • a power supply.


The included driver is compatible with HRM Fan and HRM Led. You can pair your device with it and configure color ranges for particular Heart Rate / Power / Speed changes. This way you can light up your training cave and the colors will change with the intencity of your workout.


NOTICE: You need both: a LED set (this product) and a HRM Fan device to control the leds with your HR / Speed / Power. Alternatively, if you don't need fan control and only care about LEDs, you can purchase the "HRM Led", which is an all in one solution for controlling LEDs.


1 year warranty included.

Shipment within 1-2 working days.

Extended RGB LED set for HRM Fan / HRM Led

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